An extension of your team, ready to grow online businesses with research based design and marketing strategies. More

Our work experience includes
  • the Munio
  • Printful
  • Roadgames
  • Overly

We can help you to

  • Build a product

    We imagine, build and deliver your online store, website, mobile and web apps and more. We regularly listen to the customer and test with real users.

  • Improve existing product

    We can transform a poor experience into 5-star ratings, increase interactions, and lifetime customer loyalty.

  • Find out your customer needs

    We uncover what your users think, how they interact with your product and ultimately what their expectations are. We help you not miss your target - the customer.

  • Increase conversions and retention

    We'll identify what the weak points of your digital product flow are and implement all the necessary changes (design, copy, code, and marketing) to make your visitors convert and stay loyal.

  • Implement email marketing strategies

    Develop a relationship with prospects and customers to boost engagement, brand awareness and ultimately sales. Email marketing is still the most effective channel to reach your audience.

  • Create copy that works

    Yes, great copy sells, but it's equally important to clearly convey your brand's vision, mission statement and uniqueness. We find the right words to make you stand out.

  • Analyze your visitors

    Grow your sales and business by learning about your customers. We use numbers and session recordings to analyze what your visitors do and how they interact with your product.

  • Form and execute marketing strategies

    We create winning game plans and measurable strategies to achieve and exceed your goals through powerful storytelling.

  • Make a prototype of your idea

    We believe prototyping is the best way to test a new idea and to reduce the risk of big, costly misses. De-risk development by continually listening, testing, and iterating with end-users. Prototype before code.

  • Level up your team

    We share our knowledge with your creative team. Why user research matters, why iterative product development is the fastest way to deliver your product to the end user and how marketing is 50% of your product success.

Recent work

the Munio

the Munio

Long term partnership with a home & living brand, breaking the mold and focusing on sustainability.

Increase in online revenue
Increase in returning customer rate
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Building brand recognition, automating email marketing and boosting conversions for an adventurous scavenger hunt game.

First game's team count
Followers on social media, first game
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Improved website, admin panel interface and user experience for a DIY augmented reality tool.

Website goal conversion rate
Decrease in visitor bounce rate
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3 ways to work with us

  • Project based partnership

    Hire us on project bases. We work closely with you to complete the project whether its building product from scratch or improving an existing one.

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  • Long term partnership

    We become an extension of your team, providing design and marketing services, rooted in research and customer insights. We work independently and will implement all the necessary updates to help you reach your business goals.

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  • Workshops and training

    We share our experience and expertise with your team or at an event. Always personalized content that directly applies to your industry.

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Let’s meet. We’re Zuper.

Elina Bumbiere

Elina Bumbiere

Experienced marketer, skilled in data analysis, expectation management and digital marketing. Passionate about user experience and enjoys building storytelling digital products that generate conversions. Loves a good pun.
Martins Mihailovs

Martins Mihailovs

An experienced designer, skilled in e-commerce, UX design and conversion optimization. Anything digital really. Knows a thing or two about programming and has helped build a few products from the ground up. A bit too passionate about podcasts.